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Seagate Debuts Three 10TB Hard Drives

The BarraCuda, IronWolf, and SkyHawk hard drives are a high storage solution from Seagate. The company says each drive is ideal for grouping mass storage needs.


Are you one of those who consistently engages in a battle with your machine for storage space? Even 1TB of space is eaten up by your various storage needs. Seagate is on your side, apparently,  and has unveiled a family of 10TB hard drives. 10,000GBs of should be plenty for the casual user of course, but Seagate’s products could offer even more.

The new 10TB hard drives are the BarraCuda, IronWolf, and SkyHawk. The three products are cost effective mechanical drives. Seagate says that this budget-conscious approach means users can stack the drives and create their own huge storage platform:

“Consumers and organizations today face a similar challenge — what to do about the massive deluge of data and video they confront every day,” said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of Client and Consumer Storage at Seagate. “Whether it’s dominating in the latest game, producing compelling multimedia content, mining data to help create new apps and business services.”

Those looking for the most cost-effective high storage solution may look towards the BarraCuda. Windows Desktop owners dread the day their hard drive will go pop, so they will be happy to know that Seagate’s 10TB drives come with a 5-year warranty.

Network Solution

Seagate says the IronWolf hard drive is more professional for network users. The drive is ideal for NAS compilers, allowing 180TB per year user workload rate, error recovery control, and advanced power settings.

“NAS-optimized with AgileArray, IronWolf is built with drive balance, and is the first in its class of drives to have rotational vibration (RV) sensors to mitigate vibration in multi-drive systems, RAID optimization for best performance with error recovery control, and advance power management providing power savings in NAS.”

Lastly, the SkyHawk hard drive is for customers looking for network video recording storage solutions. Rotational vibration sensors ar used to minimize read and write errors. The drive can also support up to 64 cameras, making it a real video storage idea for networks.

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