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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Tools for Unity to version 2.3 for easier cross-platform game development on Windows machines.


Tools for (VSTU) 2.3 ships with a number of improvements and bug fixes for developers. The tool-bundle includes options to modify generated project properties and disable Unity Console logs in Visual Studio's Error List.

Visual Studio Tools For Unity 2.3 Changelog

In addition to improved options, VSTU 2.3 includes these changes:

  • “VSTU no longer conflicts with the Xamarin tools, preventing you from debug your Unity game.
  • You can now use the text, XML, HTML and JSON string visualizers when debugging.
  • Support for function breakpoints in Visual Studio 2015 is now included.
  • All of Unity's MonoBehaviours are now available from our wizards.
  • Multiple issues in the expression evaluation of the debugger have been resolved.”

The Visual Studio extension natively supported by Unity on Windows allows game developers to use editing, debugging and productivity features of the Visual Studio IDE to develop cross-platform games.

How to update

You can use Visual Studio IDE extension manager to update VSTU to version 2.3. Alternatively, you can also install it manually by downloading the VSTU version that matches the Visual Studio version you have installed and want to use with Unity.

It is also important to note that strongly recommends developers to update VSTU. Although it works best with Unity 5.3, you can use it with older versions by reimporting VSTU Unity package in your project.

To download VSTU directly from the Visual Studio IDE extension manager, use the following links:

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