Microsoft MSN News gets Improved iOS 9 Support

A new update makes MSN News work better on iOS 9. Microsoft has also solved a problem where the service would crash when a session was resumed.

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Current MSN News on iOS

has rolled out a minor update for on the iOS platform. The update is available now through the App Store on iTunes or on an iOS device. Among the changes is improved support for iOS 9 and a fix for a known issue affecting users.

Many MSN News users on iOS have found a persistent problem where the application crashes when a session is resumed. The latest update has fixed that, according to Microsoft's changelog. Improved support for iOS 9 has also been added, although it is as vague as it seems. The company has not said precisely what the improvements are.

Either way, the new update brings the service up to Version 1.2.69 on iOS. Here is the changelog:

  • We have improved support for iOS 9
  • The app will no longer restart when resuming a session
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

On the official MSN News page on the App Store, Microsoft says the service offers “comprehensive content”. The app also gives users the ability to share stories, customize topics, and see breaking news. However, the service still lags behind some of the more established news curators.

Recent Updates

Recently, Microsoft updated MSN News on its own Windows 10 platform. The update followed an earlier Windows Insider Program release and came with the ability to elect from more sources to customize content curation.

As we mentioned in the previous article, Microsoft actually has another news curation service on iOS. News Pro is a Microsoft Garage effort growing in popularity and functionality. The Rowe “newsagent” bot it an interesting addition to the service.