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Microsoft Health users can look forward to more new features as Microsoft has issued a new update for the app. Since launching the service for Windows 10 PCs, the company has been rolling out more features and new functionality. Today’s release brings Microsoft Health up to version 2.3.20711.0.

After releasing its Microsoft Health app for Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft continues to polish the features in the app for users. Unfortunately, this particular update comes without a changelog. This suggests that the changes are minor and are probably related to performance tweaks. Do not expect any new features in this roll out.

In its description of the Health app, Microsoft says:


“Microsoft Health helps you live healthier by giving you actionable insights into how your physical activity benefits your overall health. View your data and insights about your step counts, workouts, and even sleep quality in a mobile app* and a web dashboard. Easy-to-understand graphs chart data that are important to help you understand your current, and changing, fitness levels.”


The Microsoft Health app is a Universal Windows Program (UWP) app. It works on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PCs, while it is also available on Android and iOS. Speaking of the Android version, that too is receiving an update.

Those using the app on Google’s platform can now grab version 1.3.20708.1. Again, there is no changelog present, so this is also a minor upgrade.

Microsoft’s other fitness related services have not been faring so well recently. The company announced last month that it is pulling the plug on Xbox Fitness. The service will slowly wind down over the next year before being shuttered in 2017.