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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 14388 to the Fast Ring: Fixes, Improvements and Known Issues

The new Insider Preview build remedies some narrator and driver issues but leaves a few problems unfixed.


Announced by Software Engineer , the new Insider Preview contains some minor fixes and improvements. The build has a total of 44 new fixes, including reliability and battery life improvements.

This update will also roll out to mobile devices, and is available to those in the fast ring. To try out the new build for yourself you can head to Advanced Update options and turn on Insider Preview. When your PC builds you then need to make sure it's in the fast ring.

Though Sarkar mentioned 44 fixes, only revealed a few of the most important ones in their blog post:

Improvements and fixes for PC

We have updated the Store to version 11606.1001.39 with bug fixes.

We fixed an issue where Narrator keyboard shortcuts would not work after locking your PC and then logging back in and going to your desktop.

We fixed an issue where Narrator would not read the date and time under Settings > Time & language > Date & time.

We fixed a TPM driver crash that could result in the device bug-checking (bluescreen) and rebooting.

There were also a few fixes for mobile, listed below:

Improvements and fixes for Mobile

We have updated the Store to version 11606.1001.39 with bug fixes.

We fixed the issue causing the keyboard to not show up consistently for InPrivate mode on .

We fixed an issue that could result in an app getting into a state after being suspended where it would be unable to launch until rebooting the device.

Known Issues

There are still a number of problems in the build. A fix has been developed to remedy issues when booting Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 5 on virtual machines with Secure Boot enabled. However, due to release schedules, it has not made it into this build. For now, Microsoft recommends you disable SecureBoot.

There have also been issues when installing Build 14388 in a non-EN-US language. If you are presented with error code 0x80004005 when enabling Developer Mode you are instructed to do as follows:

#1. Go to Settings > System.
#2. Click on “Apps & features”
#3. Choose “Manage Optional features”
#4. Press the button “Add a feature”
#5. Select the package for Windows Developer Mode
#6. Click “Install”
#7. Reboot your PC
#8. Launch Command Prompt as Administrator
#9. Run: sc config debugregsvc start=auto

Finally, return to the “For Developers” Settings page. You will still see the error code, 0x80004005 but you should now be able to enable Windows Device Portal and the Device Discovery features.

It's getting closer and closer to the August 2 release of the Windows Anniversary Update but we can expect most of the listed issues to get resolved by then. In the meantime, you can keep up with the latest updates here on our site.

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