Outlook Groups Outlook Official

Users running Microsoft’s Outlook Groups on Windows Phone can now head to the Windows Store and download a new update.

Outlook Groups is available to users with handsets running Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. The new update adds a few new features to the application.

Included in the update is native integration with Outlook Calendar. This allows users to sync events between Outlook Groups and Calendar on Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft has also added the ability to copy and forwards links for conversations within Groups.


Here is the complete changelog:

  • Ability to forward & copy link for conversation
  • Group events now sync to Outlook Calendar
  • Calendar event details view
  • Deep linking from Outlook Calendar to group event
  • Performance improvements for calendar
  • Minor bug and crash fixes

Outlook Groups is a service that allows users to keep in touch with a team on-the-go. It is for business users and educators, who need to have an Office 365 School or work account. As well as affording the ability to keep tabs on group members, there are also several other collaborative features in the app.

Recent Changes

Microsoft has sent out some updates for Outlook Groups in recent months, enhancing the overall experience of the app. In May the company rolled out new features like animations, connectors and support, and the ability to attach recently opened files.

Last month Outlook Groups for Windows 10 Mobile scored another update. That time Microsoft focused on Conversations. The ability to pin group conversations, conversations on pinned tiles, and Inline notification and subscription management for groups were part of the update.

The service has also been updated on other platforms. A major update dropped for Groups on the iOS platform just last week. The update added group event viewing within the app, calendar sync for events, and a swipe gesture to open a new panel. This new panel housed two new features; group favorites and selective muting.