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Microsoft HoloLens Demo: AR Golf Course Highlights Potential of HoloLens

Along with the PGA, Microsoft created a whole reconstructed golf course through HoloLens. The demo was shown at this week’s Worldwide Partner Conference.


's HoloLens augmented reality headset is still not available to consumers. Developers have it though and the company has been demoing the device this week. At the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft highlighted HoloLens' capabilities with a golf-oriented demo.

Ok, we know that many people see the world golf and instantly begin to snooze, but wait. Microsoft's demo shows off the power and potential of HoloLens, whether you love golf or not. This is another attempt from Microsoft to show users and developers just how amazing HoloLens could be. The company is still trying to beef up content before a consumer launch.

Redmond teams up with the folks at PGA to come up with a holographic overview of a complete golf course.

As this is HoloLens, the reality is augmented so users can interact with the environment. In terms of this demo, that means look around the course, see shot maps, and compare performance.

For golfers, the potential here is huge. It gives them a tool to explore a course in-depth before they visit. Golfers can get to know the course, explore the terrain, see the holes, and more.


Beyond golfing, the demo shows how HoloLens can be used to create detailed plans. The potential applications for fields as varied as construction and healthcare are truly exciting.

Microsoft collaborated with another major US sporting body earlier in the year. Along with the NFL, the company used HoloLens will one day enhance game day viewing right from the user's living room.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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