Pokemon go google reuse

In the interview with CNBC, Nadella commented on the augmented reality hype caused by PokéMon Go and about HoloLens being the ideal platform for such kind of games:

“This Pokemon interest hopefully will translate into a lot of interest in HoloLens. Think about it, the game physics of that app are built for HoloLens. Of course the phone is great, the installed base of the phone is so enormous that it makes it possible. But think about what that game on HoloLens would mean. You’re not trying to use a phone when you can actually use your eyes to look through. It’s the ultimate computing paradigm and I am happy for Pokemon but I am happy for these industrial applications.”

Pokémon Go introduced augmented reality to the world, and it came out before Microsoft showcased HoloLens at this week’s WPC.


In late March, Microsoft released a developer edition at the Build developer conference. It came with a headset and software.

During Nadella’s keynote, Microsoft Program Director Arantxa Lasa Cid explained how Japan Airlines is currently using HoloLens to teach their engine mechanics about repairing and diagnosing their jet engines.

Nadella continued to speak about augmented reality saying, “I think it’s fantastic to see augmented reality applications getting built. The best thing that can happen when you’re creating a new category is for applications that are these killer apps, whether it be gaming or in the industrial scenario, to get invested in.”