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Lumia 950 failed to perform well

New leaked images show Microsoft’s ill-fated Lumia 850, showing Windows Phone fans what they are missing.  Italian outlet Aggiornamentelumia discovered the device and provided the images.

It is probably fair to say Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia Lumia division was a disaster. The company paid billions for the division and has now all but put it to rest. There are no new Lumia smartphones on the horizon as Microsoft decided to ease back on its hardware output. Despite this, Lumia smartphones have remained consistently excellent.

However, it is a sad fact that a legion of users looking for a new Windows 10 Mobile Handset will find limited choice. The only latest generation smartphones Microsoft sells are the Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Lumia 650, and Lumia 550. Essentially, consumers have the choice between flagship and budget.


The Lumia 850 (codename “Honjo”) was all set to be released. It was going to fill a market space for users who wanted a high-end experience without the cost of a flagship. Microsoft ultimately pulled the plug on the Lumia 850 as it restructured its mobile business to be more focused on supporting OEMs.

Not the Handset Expected

So, we are left with these images of the Lumia 850. As we have seen with previous leaks, the 850 was going to be just another Windows device in terms of aesthetics. It wasn’t going to break the professional looking template Microsoft had set for the platform with the Lumia 950 devices.

Tile icons tell us this is an older version of Windows 10 Mobile, which makes sense considering the Lumia 850 has been canned. Edge is even called Project Spartan, which was its development codename.

What is odd is that the Lumia 850 by name and logic was going to fill a high-mid-range void in the market. However, the device in the images is running a very modest Snapdragon 210 processor from Qualcomm. It also only has a 720p screen. This suggests another Lumia budget device and not a solid mid-range Lumia 850.

What do you guys think?