microsoft azure official

Brendan Burns will now be working with the team as its development manager for the platform’s Resource Manager. The news was leaked by an enthusiastic tweet by Microsoft Azure’s CTO Mark Russinovich earlier during the day.

The Fine Line Between Azure and Kubernetes

Brendan Burns definitely earns top credits with his status as the founder of Kubernetes. An endeavor, to which he was intimately part of its development team during his tenure at Google.

Kubernetes, in very, very short terms, is a cluster management software that handles multiple application containers. Its system manages and schedules these containers, in order for a huge program agglomerate to function as a single platform.

Sounds familiar? Microsoft Azure is technically also a management platform. In this case, it is of various cloud-based applications and services that are built to work as single, whole system.

With the expansion of Microsoft’s Azure team with Brendan Burns, should we expect the platform to expand its horizons even further? Perhaps. In fact, this might even lead to exciting developments reminiscent of what Microsoft had just announced a few months ago.

Despite his mainstay status now in the Azure team, Brendan Burns has stated in his official tweet that he will still be closely involved in further development of Kubernetes.