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Gartner: PC Market Still Declining in Every Region except North America

This marks an overall negative trend in sales since 2014, with drops of up to 20% in South America.


The PC industry has continued its decline, the second quarter of 2016 showing a decrease of 5.2% compared to last year, according to data from .  The report includes desktops, ultrabooks, and notebooks but does not count Chromebooks or iPads.

Gartner's press release pins some of the decline on a stronger U.S. Dollar which led to price hikes in various regions. Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst, said that the issue “has impacted the EMEA and Latin America regions for the past  year.”

However, the rate of decline has slowed in the second quarter, with North America even showing increases of 1.4 percent. The region shipped 15.2 million units, signaling positive results for next quarter also.

The United Kindom's decision to leave Europe has not had an effect on worldwide , though Gartner warns that “Brexit could potentially create uncertainty, not only in currency , but also the entire economy beyond Europe.”

Biggest Vendors

maintains the number one spot for worldwide sales despite recent security concerns, which revealed a zero-day exploit in the UEFI driver. The company has seen a decline of 2.2 percent globally, however, marking the fifth quarter in a row.

HP came in at second place, returning to a growth of 1.8% after four quarters of decline. Gartner puts this down to the resolution of inventory buildup issues which were slowing its shipment.

Dell had the third biggest market share and the highest growth of the quarter, surpassing the industry average in all regions. Much of this is down to its popularity in the US, Japanese, and Latin American markets.

Kitagawa says that despite the decline there is still a chance to gain ground again. With the second and third quarter being the main buying season in the US, there is “an opportunity for a refresh among businesses.” 

The full press release can be accessed here, though it's worth noting that the results are still preliminary and yet to be finalized.

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