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Microsoft is always hard at work gathering patent for all manner of things. Some will never see the light of day and are just the company covering bases. Other patents, however,  seem much more likely to reach end users. The company’s latest effort to bring “multiple personalities” to online personas seems like something we could see in the near future.

“I am me” is not quite true. While there is a certain “youness” that defines who you are, most people display multiple personalities. Think of it like this, you talk to your boss differently to how you talk to a spouse. Equally you talk to a friend differently than you do to a spouse. People using different personalities (wearing multiple hats) is pretty universal.

Microsoft’s patent is geared towards giving users the tools to bring those multiple personas to the messaging space. Multiple personalities for profiles are actually a very internet thing. Again how you talk to a client on Skype would likely be very different to how you talk to a friend. Your LinkedIn profile is not like your Facebook profile either.


Changing Personalities

Microsoft has patented a system where users could save different personas into instant messaging profiles. Multiple personalities made up of emoji’s, icons, and sounds can be saved.

User can switch personalities depending on who they are talking to. This allows people to control their online appearance when talking. Creating a professional persona, a friendly one, or anything else is possible according to the patent.

Again, this is a patent. The feature could be cool, but is unlikely to launch soon. Because this kind of development is something Microsoft may release, while it could also gather dust for years and never launch.

What do you think?