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Much anticipation will be headed towards the performance of Microsoft´s Azure cloud service and the numbers surrounding Office 365 subscriptions. The issue on the Windows 10 free upgrade will also be discussed during the meeting.

A live webcast of the earnings conference call will be made available on the 19th at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

The departure of Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner has generated a lot of noise in the tech community, especially as Microsoft had to reshuffle its organizational structure to put more of the daily sales operation of the CEO to Satya Nadella.

Turner’s move to leave Microsoft and become CEO of Citadel Industries has been speculated to be the result of Microsoft’s board pushing for shorter release cycles of new software and service products.

According to a Bloomberg report, Chairman John Thompson said:

“The board is examining whether Microsoft has invested enough in its complete cloud lineup, Thompson said. It’s not just about developing better cloud technology — it’s a question of how the company sells those products and its strategy for recruiting partners to resell Microsoft’s services and build their own offerings on top of them. Persuading partners to develop compatible applications is a strong point for cloud market leader Inc., he said.”

Microsoft employees seem to welcome Turner´s leave

Meanwhile, some employees expressed their happiness with Turner’s departure to BlindSpot, an anonymous chat app. The application allows BlindSpot to discuss anything they want behind anonymity, including bashing their employers.

“Fantastic news!!!!”
“Yeeeeeeeess!!!! Best 4th of July gift ever!!!!”

However, some employees expressed their concerns as well, given that other corporate losses also began with sudden corporate movements.

“Last time a guy of that level left, we had massive layoffs (Nokia). Are we seeing a pattern? Has the field underperformed last year and he is taking the fall for it with more to come?”