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Microsoft Employees Celebrate Departure of COO Kevin Turner

Look away now Kevin Turner. Many Microsoft employees used an anonymous message service to voice their happiness that the COO has decided to leave his position.


Earlier in the week, COO Kevin Turner stepped down from his role. The departure was announced by CEO Satya Nadella alongside a corporate reshuffle. Turner left the company to become chief executive officer at Citadel Securities. Some Microsoft employees are delighted that the former COO has now left.

Nadella discussed Turner's impact on Microsoft over 11 years. He was once a candidate for CEO, and Nadella said he had offered valuable advice to him since he took control of the company in 2013. However, it seems Kevin Turner was unpopular amongst some Redmond employees.

Indeed, some of them are happy about his departure. To show how happy, they took to an anonymous chat app called BlindSpot. The subsequent celebrations were leaked from one employee to Business Insider.

BlindSpot lets employees from any company or industry chat. The fact it provides anonymity means employees can discuss anything they want, even if it is bashing their employer. Over 100 Microsoft employees took to the service to chat smack about Turner.

Some of the comments:

“Fantastic news!!!!”

“Yeeeeeeeess!!!! Best 4th of July gift ever!!!!”


Just to point out, Blind does not have a requirement to end every statement with exclamation points!!!! Over a mini poll 60% argued that Turner had been sacked, although Microsoft officially says he resigned on June 30. 93% of those asked said they were “crazy happy” he had left, which is a whole lot of happy for sure.

There was some caution though, with some employees referencing previous major corporate loss:

Last time a guy of that level left, we had massive layoffs (Nokia). Are we seeing a pattern? Has the field underperformed last year and he is taking the fall for it with more to come?”

Microsoft has not commented on the situation.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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