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Microsoft: Secure Productive Enterprise replacing Enterprise Cloud Suite

Redmond rolled out Secure Productive Enterprise alongside the Windows 10 Enterprise rebranding. The new service will gather a number of Microsoft’s cloud-security offerings under one offering, replacing Enterprise Cloud Suite.


Earlier today we told you about decision to rebrand Windows 10 Enterprise. The version will now be called Enterprise E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E3. In the same blog post, Microsoft announced a rebranding of Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) to Secure Productive Enterprise.

The company says that the shift brings more than just a new name. Secure Productive Enterprise merges Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security into a single service. Microsoft says customer feedback suggesting the technology licensing options were often “challenging” prompted the release.

ECS was originally developed to simplify the licensing process but the company thought it could do better. This led to the launch of Secure Productive Enterprise yesterday. Merging several existing services into the new product also results in better value, Redmond says in its blog post:

“These products and services together enable employees uncompromising productivity, collaboration, mobility, business insights and, perhaps most importantly, a secure experience.”

Cloud-Security Bundle

Secure Productive Enterprise includes some of Microsoft's latest cloud-based security innovations. Available in the service is Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and App Security. Azure Information Protection and Office 365 Advanced Security Management are also included.

Also added in the new release are Office 365 Delve Analytics, Skype for Business PSTN, Power BI, and Office 365 Discovery.


Microsoft announced the ECS replacement alongside Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5. This allows the company to standardize E3 and E5 packages of the Secure Productive Enterprise service. There will be two separate tiers of the service, E3 and E5 packages.

“The Secure Productive Enterprise E5 offering includes the latest, most advanced enterprise security, management, collaboration and business analytics. The Secure Productive Enterprise E5 offering will become available later in the calendar year 2016 when the new Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security functionality has all released.”

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