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Microsoft is continuing to update Visual Studio 15 through preview builds as the company eyes up the official launch. This week Redmond has announced a new Preview 3 for the service, which Microsoft points out is different from Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and comes with fixes to further prepare the official end user release.

As this is still an unsupported preview release, Microsoft discourages users from installing this update onto a production environment. The company notes in its official blog that this build does install directly onto any previous Visual Studio “15” Preview that is currently in use. Previous Visual Studio versions are also compatible with this update.

The company used the blog post to discuss some of the changes and known issues:

We’re still laying some of the foundational groundwork, but we do have some new features, including some improvements in IntelliSense to help you filter the member list by type and a new Exception helper that gives you instant non-modal view in to inner exceptions.

The IntelliSense tray is disabled by default but can be easily turned on in Tools > Options. > Text Editor > C#/VB > IntelliSense.

Preview 3 also includes Xamarin 4.1, which includes bug fixes as well as support for tvOS and improved iOS Assets Catalog support. For more information, see the Xamarin release notes.”

Also announced with the update was the release of Team Foundation Server “15” in Preview form, which comes with a number of new features. The new features coming to Team Foundation Server 15 include Code Search, Personal Access Tokens, Gift Improvements, Admin Improvements, and a Package Management Service.

In May, Microsoft launched Visual Studio 15 Preview 2 with the Desktop App Converter, which enables you to bring your existing desktop applications to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).