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Microsoft Rebrands Windows 10 Enterprise as Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5

The company announced the new Windows 10 Enterprise names to tie in with similar branding for Office 365, while Microsoft also revealed new bundles to combine Windows 10 Enterprise with Office 365.


has rebranded Enterprise and is also offering new Windows 10 bundles, the company announced in a blog post. The new name revealed by Microsoft is Windows 10 Enterprise E3, while the company says a new version called Windows 10 Enterprise E5 will be rolled out later in the summer.

This is essentially the creation of a new top tier Windows 10 edition and mirrors closely what Microsoft has been doing with its product. In that case there is an Officer 365 E3 and E5 version, while the E4 version was discontinued earlier this month. Incidentally, Redmond also has Office 365 E1 and ProPlus.

As for the new bundle, Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and it's also rebranded Enterprise Mobility + Security suite (formerly Enterprise Mobility Suite). While it may seem confusing, Microsoft says bringing Windows 10 and Office 365 together in terms of branding actually simplifies its products.

To further simplify our offerings, we are standardizing packaging offers across Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite. Moving forward you will see E3 and E5 offerings for each of these products,” Julia White, general manager of cloud platform at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

To explain the naming in easier terms, Windows 10 Enterprise E3 is just a new name for what we have previously been calling Windows 10 Enterprise. Microsoft points out that Windows Enterprise E5 will be a special package of Enterprise with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection bundled in, the blog adds.

The Secure Productive Enterprise E5 offering includes the latest, most advanced enterprise security, management, collaboration and business analytics. The Secure Productive Enterprise E5 offering will become available later in calendar year 2016 when the new Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security functionality has all released.

Microsoft's previous statements suggest Windows 10 Enterprise E3 will be launched by August 2, which is the same day the company rolls out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Enterprise E5 is due “later in the summer,” which means it could land by the end of next month, or mid-September at the latest.

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