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The Desktop App Installer has been with us for a couple of months now. It is an easy way to sideload applications to Windows 10 PCs, removing plenty of hassle. Microsoft has issued a new update which squashes some bugs and makes general performance enhancements.

While this is not a major update, it is good to see Microsoft doing some general housekeeping on the app.

The last update from the company brought something more special to the Desktop App Installer party. Microsoft handed out support for multiple applications. This essentially meant that users could now sideload more than one app at once. Needless to say, that improved the installer’s efficiency.

Microsoft developed the App Installer to make it easier for developers. It gives devs an easy way to distribute their cross-platform applications onto the Windows Platform. It is also possible to place Desktop App Converter Win32 apps into the Windows Store.

Install Windows Apps more easily

On the official Windows Store page, this is how Microsoft describes the Desktop App Installer:

The Windows App Studio Installer makes installing Windows App Studio apps a breeze. It’s an app that will automatically configure your device, and deploy a Windows App Studio created app to your device. It’s designed to simplify the installation process, save you time, and make it easy to share Windows App Studio created apps.

It supports developerinstall .appx or .appxbundle files on Windows 10 machines without the need for Powershell or any CMD commands. Also, users can click the folder in File Explorer and install the App Installer on a PC.

You can check out the latest update by heading to the Windows Store at the source.