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Windows Insider Program Team Has a Workaround for Preview Expiration Notices

Microsoft has responded to concerns from the Windows Insider Program, saying it will provide a fix for expiration notices in the latest preview builds. The company will release a blog post in the coming days to solve the issue.


We are a site, but we do not worship the ground the company walks on. However, we unashamedly think the Windows Insider Program is fantastic, giving users a chance to see early previews of features and provide feedback before they reach end users. Yes, we love the Insider Program, but it is not perfect.

One of the more frustrating aspects of the Windows Insider Program is that new preview released on the Inside actually have an expiration date. This basically means if you do not download the next preview before a certain point, you will lose support for your current expired build.

True Insiders are usually on the ball and keep up to date it upgrades, but in the most recent builds, popups for expiration have been popping up almost immediately. This is almost certainly because the previews have been coming thick and fast over the last six weeks, so expiry dates are shorter, but the pop-ups have raised eyebrows amongst Insiders.

One Twitter user pointed this out to Dona Sarkar, who recently replaced Gabe Aul as the head of the Windows Insider Program. She responded by saying Microsoft has a workaround planned and that the company would detail it in an upcoming blog post:

ÔÇťWe hope to get more details pretty soon, but Windows Insiders can already look forward to enjoy a more pleasant experience using the latest Windows 10 preview builds.ÔÇŁ

Microsoft has been rolling out Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile previews consistently recently, but the latest builds only come with minor tweaks and the odd new feature. The company is winding down previews ahead of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will roll out on August 2.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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