AppSource Screenshot Official Website

The store appears to be aimed specifically at businesses owners, empowering them to find the apps they need without having to sift through thousands of others. In an unlisted promotional video on YouTube Microsoft describes the addition of “exclusive apps from select partners,” also mentioning that add-in packages will be available to add new functionality to existing apps.

Advanced filtering options unique to different industries will allow firms to find exactly what they need, streamlined into a single, simple interface. Apps can then be tried free of charge, with the option to have them configured to suit the needs of each individual company by Microsoft’s partners. The current filters show add-ons for  Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI, Office 365, Azure and Project Madeira.


Microsoft will review applications before they reach the store, and like the Windows Store, customers will be able to leave reviews.

Is This The Release?

The fact that the website is still live and links to the unlisted video rather than the previous Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley suggests that it may be here to stay this time.

Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement about the platform, but many have predicted a confirmation at the upcoming Worldwide Partner Conference, running from July 10 to 14 in Toronto. Given the time frame of this release that now seems increasingly likely, if not a little late.