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Microsoft rolls out Updates for OneNote and MSN Related Apps

Microsoft has released updates for OneNote, as well as for MSN News, MSN Sports, MSN Weather, and MSN Money.


For the MSN apps (News, Sports, Weather and Money), the updates are mainly focused on accessibility. In particular, all the apps will now be able to use continuous scrolling, for seamless access from one article to the next. As for OneNote, updates for its version 17.7167.57502.0 are as follows:

  • “Right-click a selection of handwritten notes or drawings to group them together. After that, it's easy to move them around as one piece.
  • Share your notebook with anyone right from OneNote, and they can view or edit it on any device.
  • We listened. If you only use OneNote at the office or in class, you can now sign in with just a work or school account.
  • Record a quick audio reminder or sound clip and keep it in your notes.”

apps as of late have enjoyed a number of important access and interface related updates on its versions on other OS platforms in the past few weeks.

While this can be attributed yet again to Microsoft's new marketing direction, it is quite possible that these set of updates is a prelude to yet another set of updates, as shown by today's set of app updates.

With this in mind, it is very likely that yet another set of updates will be coming very soon, though perhaps it would be more related to itself (or its system) rather than its apps.

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