Microsoft Releases Cybersecurity Assessment Checklist and Ebook for Government Agencies

The checklist is part of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan by the US Government which aims to implement modern and updated cybersecurity policies at all institutional levels.

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now offers its new and updated “ Checklist for State and Local Government” assessment, as a standard security preparedness measure for government agencies. You can get it here as a printable image. For those who want to get more in detail, Microsoft´s Insider's Guide to Cybersecurity for Government is also available as a free ebook download.

The related Cybersecurity National Action Plan by the , enacted earlier this year, it is a government initiative that “takes near-term actions and puts in place a long-term strategy to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections, protect privacy, maintain public safety as well as economic and national security”.

The initiative calls to action the requirement of all government agencies at all levels to implement modern and updated cybersecurity policies, and to raise its awareness and knowledge to all related personnel.

Microsoft will provide the standard checklist for its implementation, to which all agencies will be assessed and checked for. Among the criteria for assessment, includes multifactor authentication, data encryption, tiered access controls and rights management, among others.

In regards to the company's involvement with the initiative, the company has already issued a considerable number of implementation, development, and awarding partnerships with the US government concerning updated cybersecurity and other related matters for the past couple of years.

Microsoft's Azure Government, for instance, had just been awarded by the US Government the highest security accreditation among similar cloud service platforms.

Interested individuals, agencies and/or organizations may avail the checklist at Microsoft's official Government blog.