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Microsoft Garage Debuts Thinga.Me, an Image Collection Tool for iOS

Thinga.Me lets users take focused images of an object, remove the background, and create collections to send to contacts. The app is available on iOS and is the latest development from Microsoft Garage.


is churning out apps at a rapid rate these days, and the latest is another application for the iPhone. Called Thinga.Me, the app lets users “Capture” things and then collect and share them within the app.

In this instance capture, of course, means taking an image, which can then be tagged, collected, and shared with contacts. Thinga.Me will also cut out the background of an image, which allows the users to just collect the object at the focus of the capture.

“Thinga.Me offers the best and most compelling way of digitally capturing the physical things that matter in your life. Archive your kids artwork, show off your cool set of collectibles, keep track of the stuff in your basement. The choice is yours. Thinga.Me is available for the iPhone and is currently an invite-only release.


shows some of the results on the official page for the new app, and the finished collections look something like sticker cards.

Once again, this is the sort of application that epitomizes the Microsoft Garage idea. The special division is set up to allow employees from separate teams to gather for collaborations that are outside the box and perhaps fill a small niche that is not suitable for a full Microsoft product.

Thinga.Me is a perfect example of this and is the latest in an extensive line of Garage apps and services that have been launched throughout 2016. Just last week the division launched a personal shopping assistant plugin for the Chrome browser.

In January the News Pro aggregating service was rolled out to iOS and in May Garage updated it with an automated bot called Rowe. Other apps launched by Garage this year include Kaizala, the Hub Keyboard, Sprightly, and Plumbago.

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