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Mossa Responds to Xbox Fitness Closure, will Make Workouts Available Elsewhere

Mossa supplied exclusive content to Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness service, which will be closed next year. The company says it will distribute workouts through more traditional methods.


announced last week that it is winding down Xbox Fitness, the service that rolled out with the three years ago. Some fitness companies created workouts produced by Microsoft for Xbox Fitness, and one of them has said existing workouts will be available after the termination of the service.

Mossa took to its channel to say that it is in talks with Microsoft to ensure all workouts are made available before Xbox Fitness shutters, which will be in July 2017. Mossa's Cathy Spencer-Browning did not elaborate on how the workouts will be released, but an email to one Redditor suggests that they will be distributed through physical DVD releases and via digital video.

Hello! Our team at MOSSA is very appreciative of the overwhelming responses and inquiries that we have received since Microsoft's Xbox Fitness announcement.

The many stories of how MOSSA Workouts have become an integral part of so many people's wellness journey is very humbling for us. Our focus is to get as many people to start moving, and now like for you, to keep moving!

We have been working diligently with Microsoft to enable us to offer our MOSSA Workouts that are currently on Xbox Fitness via DVD and through streaming options directly to you.”

Mossa was one of the fitness companies that supplied exclusive workout content to Microsoft, and an Xbox Fitness link is still on their website today. Other fitness programs, such as Zumba were licensed by Microsoft, so customers will simply be able to change platform in these instances. For exclusive content though, it is good to see that Microsoft will work with companies to ensure workouts are distributed elsewhere.

The company announced the closure of Xbox Fitness last week, revealing the constant need to keep updating the service was not viable in the long term. Shuttering the service also coincides with a general downturn in fitness based gaming compared to the halcyon days of the concept during the seventh console generation.


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