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Microsoft Simplifies Multi-GPU Support for DirectX 12 Developers

A new abstraction for DirectX 12 allows developers to mount multiple video cards without needing deep coding, with Microsoft to debut the feature soon.


has announced that it is making it easier for DirectX 12 developers to use multiple GPUs on a system without having to use as much coding as they do now. The new abstraction layer will simplify the process of pooling video cards on a single system, offering a basic level of support that will bypass the use of Explicit Multi Adaptor (EMA).

DirectX 12 gives developers the option of using more than one GPU on a single system, even if those cards are different models and offer different performance. However, Microsoft has never really pushed this ability beyond a concept, and at the moment if developers want to pool GPUs they have to do all the heavy lifting and code everything.

That's a lot of work, so as a result only a few titles have actually taken advantage of Explicit Multi Adaptor (EMA) the support feature that allows multi GPU pooling. EMA is noted for being difficult to use, simply because incorrect implementation often leads to poorer performance and not enhanced power.

Microsoft has finally decided to offer a pathway for easier coding to achieve more than one card working on a system. Removing some of the difficulties, developers can now use minimal coding to achieve multi-GPU systems.

It is worth noting that Microsoft says this is “basic multi-GPU support,” so developers will still have to use EMA if they want to integrate multiple cards to DirectX 12 and get the full potential.

The new abstraction layer is not available yet, Microsoft says it is doing some final touches before rolling out to the public soon.

In March, Microsoft revealed its roadmap for DirectX 12, with the company saying it is placing focus on HDR, looking to make the software compatible with HDR TVs. Redmond has also made the DirectX 12 API to developers for Windows 10 and Xbox One this year.

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