Hey Cortana Spying on Windows Phone Users

In a not-so-discreet update by Microsoft last weekend, Cortana for the iOS will now support parking location data for its Reminders feature.

A changelog of the update for version 1.9.0 is as follows:

  • “Ask Cortana to remember things for you, like where you parked, and she’ll save it for you in your reminders.
  • Improved feedback input experience”

The location registry is automatic. However, a manual user verification is required for Cortana to remember your parking location.

The added step makes it a bit more troublesome, but at the very least Cortana is very less likely to misidentify your vehicle for another one on the road.

In regards to the update being on the iOS, true, using Cortana for parking location data may not be as intuitive as a more native assistant app like Siri.

But it has its advantages, particularly if you also use other Windows machines.

Since Cortana accesses data from all registered devices under the same Microsoft account, your parking location may also be presumably used efficiently by, let’s say, your Surface 4, or any other non-Apple device or gadget.

On an unrelated note. is this update a clear sign of Cortana’s continued cross-platform pervasion into Android and iOS? Definitely, at least according to Microsoft’s current mobile productivity campaign.