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VNTANA Builds First Holographic Marketing Tool Based on Microsoft´s Kinect Sensor

VNTANA's new hologram system will allow users to see their own holograms on a display without green screens or any wearable sensors.


HOLLAGRAM, the augmented reality company's answer to holographic marketing, is the world's only interactive, scalable hologram marketing tool. HOLLAGRAM is the first of its kind, and is powered by a v2 sensor, a Windows PC, and a holographic display screen.

The system makes full use of Kinect for Windows gesture control capabilities, allowing users to interact directly with other holographics objects such as products that are preloaded in the digital space.

Microsoft explains in a blog post that once a user's image has been captured by the Kinect sensor's body-tracking feature, VNTANA's proprietary software cuts it out from its background.

The image is processed in real time through the software's hologram rendering engine before being fully placed live on the display.


After the experience, users will receive a branded e-mail with a GIF, video or photo of their antics that they can share on social media, which brand awareness. compiles and categorizes voluntary and passive user data collected by HOLLAGRAM to create a database of potential customers.

VNTANA CEO and co-founder Ashley Crowder notes using Kinect was integral to HOLLAGRAM's development.

“The Kinect was the first affordable IR sensor readily available on the market and it's the only sensor that can track the full body without . Not having wearables is very important to VNTANA, as we're focused on creating group experiences in public spaces like malls, stadiums, trade shows, and resorts,” she said in a Microsoft blog post.

VNTANA aspires to bring the next generation of holographic technology. Its holographic technology is applicable in numerous industries such as advertising, retail, business communications, sports, automotive and education.

It creates “shareable group experiences” by placing the digital into the real world through holographic photo opportunities with celebrities to gesture-controlled drone piloting.

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