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Rumor: Microsoft Said to Launch All-in-One Surface Device This Fall

Industry sources vaguely hint that Microsoft might just be planning to release an all-in-one PC model of its Surface brand still this year.


is planning to release its own all-in-one PC with its Surface brand by fall of this year. This is according to Digitimes, which refers to a claim from suppliers and industry sources.

“The Surface AIO PC is apparently an alternative for Microsoft's second-generation Surface Book, which will be delayed to the first half of 2017 instead of the original schedule set in the second half of 2016 due to delayed shipments of 's Kaby Lake CPUs, said the sources.”

As Microsoft has not said anything about the subject, it´s better to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Microsoft Surface Book official detached

Microsoft´s Surface Strategy so far

The brand was never advertised as the ultimate desktop experience, or at the very least not yet. If not obvious from its current lineup of 2-in-1 models, the company itself even ostensibly insists on calling the Surface Book a “digital clipboard“.

The brand primarily hinges (pun intended) on its touch access-based integrated media experience, with a particular optimization for stylus-based input, external data verification, and seamless transformability.

Despite this, the rumor may not be completely dismissed, after all. Trends in the all-in-one PC market have since reflected the now prevalence of mobile devices in the . As such, it has adapted to integrate similar features on a number of recent products. Models such as the Dell XP 18 and the HP Envy Recline also feature touch input, accessibility, and transformability features that are not far, and are even considerably similar, to what the Surface brand have been improving.

So, will we have an all-in-one Surface PC in the next few months? It might just be worth the wait.


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