AppSource Website Microsoft

Microsoft is preparing a new business oriented app store called “AppSource,” giving businesses a platform to find the apps the need. The new service was discovered by WalkingCat as Microsoft placed an official website which was later removed, suggesting the company was either testing it or accidently put it live ahead of an official launch.

While the two sides of Microsoft’s business blend regularly, the company is still defined as a consumer and enterprise provider of software. Redmond has so many services focused to business and of little interest to normal consumers.

The store will provide enterprise customers a platform to discover apps and services based on their business needs. The brief time the website was live, it was apparent that it will be possible to filter applications by category, product, and industry.


Microsoft will review applications before they reach the store, and like the Windows Store, customers will be able to leave reviews.

This is a similar service to Microsoft Pinpoint, which connects customers to solution partners that Microsoft recommends. However, AppSource will connect enterprise customers directly to the applications and services, not the provider.

While there is no official confirmation from Microsoft regarding AppSource, it is likely to be unveiled at the upcoming Worldwide Partner Conference, running from July 10 to 14 in Toronto.

AppSource will allow users to test an app or service with a free trial, and Microsoft will also stipulate that developers must make their apps integrate with Azure Active Directory.