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Microsoft Demos Facial Recognition as Possible Key UWP App Feature

Microsoft's Windows App Team explains through its FamilyNotes app development blog post how standard facial recognition systems can become a universal Windows app integration feature.


In its latest blog post, the Windows App Team has delved upon the possibility of the FamilyNotes app to use facial recognition features to enable more convenient access.

The post explains the prevalence of cameras, why facial recognition becomes a seamless part of the app and goes on to elaborate the possibilities of using a facial recognition system to provide universal features.

As briefly explained, Cognitive Services (MCS) makes use of the MCS Face API for standard facial recognition features for app development. This API enables FamilyNotes to gain facial recognition features akin to what has already been implemented previously in the Photos app, providing identification and verification of designated message note recipients.

Some demo-screenhots show how Microsoft´s facial recognition system integrates with the app to scan visual user data. A positive identification via similarity check, using a seeded database of already available user images.

Once the user is identified, the app then proceeds to automatically highlight all notes that are specifically addressed to that specific user, blurring the rest of the other messages in the background.

Save for the obvious general privacy policies regarding facial recognition systems, Microsoft gives no particular restrictions to the application of the MCS API. The company states, albeit not succinctly, that the API can be freely used on other apps.

The implementations on the FamilyNotes app was used as a basis, with the principles of its system presented as an example to how a universally integrated facial recognition system would work.

Of course, this is not the first time Microsoft, or the tech industry itself in general, has tried to proliferate facial recognition systems as a standard feature in app development. Windows Hello for instance, is currently researching improvements for its biometrics system to provide more accurate identification, as well as more secure authorization methods.

FamilyNotes is a currently in-development app by Microsoft that features a sticky notes-style messaging platform. It is essentially a quick and instant asynchronous communication system for multiple users that are connected across the same messaging network. In the past weeks, the Windows App Team has introduced the app through a series of development blog posts, which also presented different ideas that could also be applied to general Windows app development.


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