Microsoft Loves Linux Microsoft Official

Microsoft is increasing its warmth towards the open source community at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco today. Redmond announced a new collaboration with Red Hat, extending a partnership the two companies entered into in 2015.

The new link between the two will see Microsoft introduce a private preview for SQL Server 2016 on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution. Last year the two companies agreed to the opening of the RHEL on the Azure public cloud, so this is Red Hat, or indeed Microsoft, returning the favor.

Tightening the links between Microsoft and Red Hat further, the open source solutions company said it will support Microsoft’s announcement of 1.0 releases of the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core open-source software today. Red Hat says it will support the running of .NET Core on RHEK and the OpenShift platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced that it would be bringing (the typically Windows exclusive) SQL Server to the open source Linux platform. The move was massive news, sending excited shockwaves through the industry considering Redmond’s sometimes open warfare stance against Linux in the past. Just last week Microsoft highlighted how times have changed by showing SQL Server in a Linux container using Docker Datacenter.

Microsoft’s open source love-in (the company is literally in love) has seen it form partnerships with the likes of Salesforce and Box.

To make the deployment of OpenShift on top of Azure easier, Microsoft debuted a new Azure Resource Manager template in GitHub. In the company’s official blog post, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Data Group, at Microsoft explained how this simplifies the process.

that will make it simple to deploy Red Hat’s OpenShift on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Azure, so developers can quickly develop, host, and scale applications in Azure with Red Hat’s self-service, container-based platform.

The company will demo SQL Server on Linux running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Thursday.