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System Center Configuration Manager: Microsoft Releases Update 1606 of the Technical Preview

Microsoft has announced the release of Update 1606 for the Technical Preview of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and provided details on the included enhancements.


Dune Desormeaux, Project Manager of ConfigMgr, explains details of the update in a blog post.

“As of Windows 10 Enterprise Anniversary Edition, administrators can configure a new type of AppLocker rule that identifies a specific trusted installation authority, or Managed Installer. Any applications or other software (executables and .dll’s) that are installed by that specified installation authority will be automatically trusted by AppLocker and allowed to run without needing to create any other rules. Applications and software that are installed using any other mechanism will not pass the Managed Installer rule and will only run if explicitly allowed by another AppLocker rule. This will drastically reduce the overhead required to maintain whitelisting policy when deploying applications and software to systems protected by Windows AppLocker.”

Update 606 Release Updates

The following lists the enhancements included in the latest SCCM Version:

• Users can now easily apply whitelisting on Windows 10 as the new SCCM version comes with ConfigMgr as a managed installer. This allows the user to configure clients so that all software applications deployed via ConfigMgr are automatically trusted while others are not.

• It is now possible to use the application to give users a grace period for the installation of the required updates and applications, even past the deadline that was set. This can be useful when a computer has not been used for some time such as when the user has just gotten back from vacation.

• Devices that run on the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition now have multiple device management points. This means that a user can now use Mobile Device Management (MDM) to automatically configure an enrolled device so that several device management points may be available for its use. This enables a device to immediately use another device management point when the one it initially used is not available.

Additional Enhancements

The release also includes the following SCCM feature for users who connect SCCM with Intune for the management of their mobile devices:

• The Device Categories feature enables users to create device categories. It automatically places device collections when they are used in hybrid environments. Users would then need to select a device category when they add a device in Intune.

How to Install Update 1606

Users can access Update 1606 of the Technical Preview for System Center Configuration Manager directly in the application’s console.

Users should note, though, that a known issue exists when users upgrade to version 1606 from version 1604 or 1605. A workaround is for users to go to the Updates and Servicing node, and then click Check for updates. After doing this, they should click Retry to complete the installation process.

With this new version of the Technical Preview for System Center Configuration Manager, users will find it even easier to manage their mobile devices along with their other computing devices.


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