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Microsoft Cutting Band 2 Stock, Microsoft Band 3 Imminent?

A cutting of stock and a lowering of price for the Band 2 fitness tracker could mean that Microsoft is preparing the Microsoft Band 3.


seems to be winding down the availability of the 2, with sales being limited in what seems to be the company clearing stock in preparation for the Microsoft Band 3.

The rumored Band 3 is not official yet, but it is logical that it will land in the coming months, replacing the Microsoft Band 2 which is approaching a year old. WinSuperSite cites a source who says Best Buy now has the Microsoft Band 2 as “discontinued” and that staff of the retailer are being told that no more units will be brought in.

Best Buy is one of the largest retailers in the United States, so if it is trying to clear stock is probably means it is preparing for the launch of a new product. Further highlighting this probability is the fact that the retailer is selling the Microsoft Band 2 at a reduced price, slashing $75 off the retail price to $174.99. To add fuel to the fire, both Amazon and indeed Microsoft are also selling the device at this discounted price.

Microsoft confirmed to WinSuperSite that is had indeed limited stock of the Microsoft Band 2, but did not elaborate on why.

The device was launched in October 2015 and replaced the original Microsoft Band, which was launched in October 2014. We are still a few months away from October, but it makes sense that Microsoft would start winding down Band 2 availability in preparation for the launch of the Band 3.

If the third generation device is not inbound, then it could simply be Microsoft going through an inventory lull, but it is certainly the most unlikely scenario.

Another potential reason is that Microsoft has simply decided to pull the product altogether and will not debut a Band 3. Customer complaints regarding the performance and faulty parts on the Band 2 may have led to the company pulling the trigger.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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