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Xbox One S Supports HDR10 Standard for 4K Displays, not Dolby Vision

Microsoft seems to have chosen to solely opt for support of the HDR10 color standard for the Xbox One S, leaving Dolby Vision backed displays unsupported.


The recently announced is the Xbox One.5 that Microsoft said it didn't want to make, but at least for us consumers it means the slickest looking console the company has ever turned out. However, the newest could come with some hardware requirements that mean some users cannot use the console.

A new report from Polygon confirms that the Xbox One S will support the HDR10 color standard for 4K displays, which could mean TVs running the rival Dolby Vision might not be supported. The outlet says that has been silent on support for Dolby Vision, which means some 4K screens that use it will be unsupported.

Microsoft not confirming support for Dolby Vision is confusing, but it is sure hard to believe that the company would risk alienating some of the consumer-base by making the console compatible with some and not all 4K panels.

Dolby Vision is widely used too, with LG using the standard. LG is one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the world, so there are millions of customers who would not have a screen supported by the Xbox One S. We fully expect Microsoft to clear this issue up soon, but if not then it would be the cost of Dolby products that put the company off.

While Dolby Vision claims to offer better HDR performance, it requires Dolby hardware in both the 4K display and the media device playing content. That would mean Microsoft would have to license Dolby hardware for the Xbox One S.

If the company sticks solely with HDR color then the Xbox One S will still get plenty of coverage considering Sony and Samsung are among those using the standard. Microsoft has already pointed its allegiance to HDR color, with upcoming Xbox One games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gear of War 4 using the standard.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One S have now started before its August launch, starting at $299.99.

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