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Minecraft Modding Available to Mobile and Windows 10 Edition Users

Anyone can now mod and change Minecraft with the new modding capabilities announced by Microsoft and Mojang, and it’s even easy to do.


is a rich modder's playground, allowing anybody to make their own tweaks and changes to the game, some with more success than others. Indeed, the Minecraft Battle Mini Game that launched officially on consoles yesterday is based loosely on the popular Hunger Games mod. Mojang has now made it really easy for any user to have modding capabilities.

Until now mods have been exclusively for PC users of Minecraft. During the E3 show last week -owned developer Mojang announced that the mod add-on will be coming to both Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition Minecraft games.

This means those on handheld devices will be able to shuffle everything in the game by modding it themselves, affording the ability to create your own Minecraft. Of course, modding requires some skill and knowledge, but Microsoft insists the process is actually quite easy.

It's really not that difficult,” Minecraft senior producer James Webster told GamesBeat. “It's just a matter of creating the geometries, which is just a bunch of points in space. And then adding the textures to that. It's really simple to make these massive changes. Add-ons, we hope, are going to encourage people to be super creative. It's a simple thing to change things, but then they can take things a step further by remixing all of these elements to come up with brand new ideas.

Mods give users the ability to literally change anything within Minecraft, including the look of worlds, gameplay, how characters and objects behave, and they can create new characters. Mojang insists that even kids will pick up the modding skills needed and the basic requirement is a PC with a text editor to change .ISON files.

An .ISON editor is a good place to start for making easy mods as it will allow you to change some fields within the composition of a character or object. Microsoft is clear that even messing around and making mistakes is ok, there will be no lasting effects on the game as users can simply delete new files to go back to Minecraft in its original state.

It's going to be cross-platform on Edition and Pocket Edition,” Webster said. “You can share your add-ons. You can create a Realm and bring in your add-ons so that everyone who jumps on your server will see the same modifications as the host.

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