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Microsoft Gives Skype an Infrastructure Upgrade

Microsoft has sent out an email to Skype Insiders, indicating Skype’s transition to a modern infrastructure.


For the upcoming infrastructure upgrade, hopes to enlist the help of Insiders who can serve as early adopters. They can also provide invaluable feedback throughout the upgrade process. This is what Microsoft says about it in the email sent out to Skype insiders.

“Right now we are transitioning from the Skype legacy to a modern infrastructure and you can help us iron out all the quirks that are popping up. As a Skype Insider you can become part of the Skype journey. At the same time you can feedback early on these improvements and help us make Skype great again. You will have early access to Skype software and services, and let us know what you think.”

Microsoft has not provided any information on the specific changes that the infrastructure upgrade will bring, but experts speculate that it will lead to improvements in Skype's features and toincreased stability.

Skype has many issues

Despite being one of the most popular services that Microsoft offers, Skype is also the most problematic one. Its user base of over 300 million experience problems with features such as notification syncing. audio/video calling, and message syncing.

Although the Skype Translator is a great function, Microsoft has not really added any other innovative or unique feature to Skype over the last two years. As such, it has lagged behind competitors such as Discord, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which continue to develop enhancements.

This infrastructure upgrade is only among the many improvements that Microsoft is implementing for Skype. With other changes such as the shift to a UWP app model and the integration of Skype for Business, Microsoft hopes to make the app live up to its promise of becoming an integral part of Microsoft's group of innovative products and services.
It was aimed that Microsoft's acquisition of Skype would enhance its “portfolio of real-time communications products and services.”

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