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Microsoft’s Cortana is a powerful virtual assistant that can help you navigate content with ease, becoming a service to help you find and consume news, weather, and mapping. The company would certainly like Cortana to be front and center of your Windows device and is continuously updating the feature set to make the assistant more of a complete content provider.

The latest addition to Cortana is very welcome. Microsoft has added a mute option to the service to filter out news sources you may not want to see.

Long time Cortana users have requested this feature and it is a simple but important tool now in the arsenal of the assistant. Basically, the mute option means you will never have to see content from a news outlet you don’t want to.

Your reasons may be serious like you disagree with the political slant or content of a source, or maybe you simple find one source’s content boring or annoying. Whatever the reason, the latest preview build of Cortana on the Windows Insider program allows you to mute the content, so it never shows on your homepage.

Unfortunately, this new addition seems to be a USA device exclusive at the moment. I am running a Windows device in Europe and was unable to access the mute feature, but my US based colleagues were able to see it in action. We guess Microsoft will roll out the mute function to other regions in due course.