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Microsoft UWP: Did a Redditor Confirm Universal Windows Apps for Xbox One?

A user on Reddit said that he got Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps on his Xbox One, and took some shots to prove it.


's Universal Windows Platform (UWP) idea is about tying all products across one single platform, allowing them to work in unison together for apps, services, and games. The relationship between and Windows 10 Mobile is important for UWP's success, but Microsoft will also tie in the and HoloLens into the UWP ethos.

We have already seen the company increasing the Universal Windows capabilities of its console and now a Redditor has managed to get UWP apps functioning on his Xbox One.

The Xbox One has been getting a number of additions in recent months to prepare it for the Anniversary Update that will bring UWP integration across all Windows 10 form factors. The console became a Windows device last November, while PC gaming via Xbox One streaming was introduced earlier in the year.


Just yesterday we wrote about Microsoft's potential end goal of turning every PC into an Xbox and every Xbox into a PC. The latter will start taking shape next month when the Anniversary Update drops and introduces the Windows Store to the Xbox One. The Windows Store running means that regular Windows 10 applications will run on the console.

While the official roll out of that feature is expected next month, Redditor p4n0pt1c0n has found that his latest preview builds of Xbox One and Windows 10 PC allowed him to install some apps on the console.

The latest Xbox One update was rolled out a couple of days ago and p4n0pt1c0n says that when he installed some apps on his Windows 10 PC (running the latest preview build), he got a notification on the Xbox One saying the app was ready.


Exciting, but it is worth noting that opening the app did not work as it just stuck on to the loading screen, so it seems Microsoft has baked the feature template into latest previews, but not functionality.

So I've just installed an app called CC Player Pro on my laptop (wanted to try it cause it is currently free as a part of MyAppFree deal), my xboxone was on at the time and I got a popup saying the app is ready… the app won't run (it is getting stuck on loading screen), but clearly MS is working on bringing UWP apps to the new environment. I'll try to take some screenshots later.


As promised, he did return with screenshots, which you can see through this article.

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