Perceptive IO logo own collage

As noted by user Walking Cat on Twitter, a number of researchers behind the development of Microsoft´s HoloLens headset and the Surface Hub Workplace collaboration device have left Microsoft for a new venture called PerceptiveIO.

The think-tank behind PerceptiveIO is led by Jeff Han and Shahram Izadi. Han, the founder of Perceptive Pixel, is the man whose products led Microsoft to the Surface Hub, and Izadi had worked on Holoportation, KinectFusion, and HoloLens.

However, the loss of these researchers to PerceptiveIO will hardly have an impact on HoloLens. It is now in the product cycle and has moved out of the research stages.

What exactly is PerceptiveIO?

The company, still in its early days, claims to “touch millions of lives and change the world” by “building and shipping beautifully engineered systems at the intersection of novel hardware and software.” It focuses on building systems that can “truly perceive and interact with the world in real-time”, and can “build user experiences that can change the way people interact with computers.”

The idea sounds ambitious and exciting, but it may be a while before they actually reveal what they’re really up to. You can find more information about PerceptiveIO here.