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Microsoft and Xamarin to Host WWDC Event to Entice iOS Developers

Microsoft will literally be wining and dining iOS developers to entice them to use the Xamarin powered Windows Bridge for iOS for moving apps to the Windows platform.


and mixing together is still something those of us of a certain vintage find strange, but the truth is the companies have been close collaborators on numerous projects for 20 years. That is why and Microsoft will be hosting a special event after WWDC 2016 State of the Union on June 13 in San Francisco.

Of course, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is Apple's baby, but Microsoft has plenty of interest in iOS and OS X these days, and the company will be discussing that interest at the event. In light of Microsoft's policy of playing nice with cross-platform services and products, the company needs to appeal to developers on those rival platforms.

There is no better place to speak to iOS developers than WWDC, and the event will be completely open to devs, even if they are not attending the full WWDC event. It seems aside from discussing the Windows Bridge for iOS, Microsoft will be enticing developers with food and drink, while the company will even be giving away Apple Watch Sports wearables and Xbox One consoles every hour.

There will also (hopefully) be some substance behind the event too, with Microsoft able to discuss its use of Xamarin to make it easier for iOS developers to bridge their apps to Windows 10. It is part of the company's Universal Windows Platform (UWP) strategy, allowing devs to port apps without needing to get bogged down by code.

Microsoft's purchase of Xamarin earlier in the year paved the way for the company to exclusively deal with iOS bridging and ditch its plans for an Android bridge for Windows (Project Astoria). The company has also put Xamarin to good use by integrating the bridging tools into visual studio.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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