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Mark Zuckerberg Social Network Accounts Hacked through LinkedIn Breach

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has become the highest profile victim of the 2012 LinkedIn password breach and his Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts were breached.


We imagine that has his account pretty secure, he is the founder of the company and can go that extra mile to ensure no-one can hack him. However, that is apparently not the case on rival and the Zuck is finding that out as his Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts have all been hacked.

It is unclear how the accessed Zuckerberg's accounts, but there are two prime options. The recently confirmed 2012 LinkedIn password breach may be at fault, although we doubt the Facebook founder would use a universal password. However, hackers OneMine suggested it was the LinkedIn breach that was the root of Zuckerberg's hack.

Before its account was suspended, the group claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was an exploratory breach:

Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us

It seems the hackers only wanted to deface the profile pages and not do anything deeper or more damaging. Zuckerberg seems to have known about the problem fairly quickly as he removed all of the damage in double time and Facebook has decided not to comment on the issue other than to say none of its accounts (including Instagram) had been attacked.

If this breach was linked to the LinkedIn password leak and it further highlights that this is an ongoing problem even though the hack was in 2012. The company said over 100 million passwords were stolen, so if you are a member of the social network you should change your password. In fact, that goes for all networks, where you should change your password regularly.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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