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Microsoft Working with VR Game Developers for Xbox One Titles

Four developers have confirmed they are working on VR for the Xbox One, which could mean the beefed up Scorpio console making its debut at E3


E3 is kicking off in two weeks and conflicting reports are regularly landing regarding 's strategy. The most likely scenario is a more affordable Xbox One Slim will drop at the event, with the company's VR capable Xbox One (Scorpio) arriving next year.

However, the fact that four different companies have said they are working on VR for Microsoft's console and the Sony PlayStation 4 suggests something else. If those companies are working on virtual reality projects with Microsoft now, could that mean the beefed up Xbox One Scorpio could be making its debut at E3?

We'll leave that as an open question. Either way, it is clear that Microsoft is pursuing its VR gaming aspirations, with Rebellion, Maximum Games, 3DRudder, and Readily Information Company all confirming collaborations with the Xbox One and PS4.


Needless to say, with a dedicated virtual reality headset (PlayStation VR), Sony has an upper hand on Sony in this gaming department and we expect Sony to discuss its VR plenty at E3. However, developers are clearly willing to develop titles for both consoles and the Xbox One Scorpio will be to handle VR headsets like Oculus Rift.

One potential E3 scenario is that Microsoft launches the slim console now and announces the Scorpio for next year. However, announcing an upgraded console could harm sales of the current model as consumers wait for the better product.

E3 is shaping up to be very interesting. You can catch all the action from Microsoft and beyond at the event with our coverage.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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