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More importantly, the decision seems to point to Microsoft either pushing users to make the most of Skype by upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile, or risk losing features.

In a move that can best be described as interesting, Microsoft’s Skype team has decided to shutter some support for those running the service on Windows Phone devices. Those users will not be able to save video messages anymore, and while it is a small tweak to the app, it does feel like just the beginning of a downturn in support for Windows Phone users.

That would actually be a pretty staggering move for a number of reasons. Firstly, AdDuplex’ latest figures show that builds from Windows Phone 8.1 and lower account for 90% of the all devices running Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Secondly, it is worth considering that Windows 10 Mobile has only been around for a few months, so that means some people who bought a Windows Phone 8.1 device less than a year ago are having Skype features stripped away.

How far the depreciation of support will go remains to be seen, but it is interesting that Microsoft is working on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Skype app for Windows 10 Mobile. The company may hope that culling some features will push those with eligible legacy devices to upgrade to the new platform.

It’s hard to see how Windows Phone 8.1 is truly a legacy build at the moment, its lifecycle falls ideally into the support structure (18 months to two years) employed by Apple for iOS and Google for Android. We suspect Microsoft may be getting some more criticism for users for abandoning them so quickly, what do you think?