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Microsoft Extends Groove Music Trial to 60-Days


A new offer for allows potential subscribers to use the service free of charge for two months, extending from the previous 30-day trial.

There are so many streaming options out there, and for the most part they all offer the same features, so the number of songs becomes the true determining factor. With the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music dominating the scene, smaller streaming providers need to entice customers.

is helping Groove Music do that by extending the trial period for the service from 30 days (1 month) to 60 days (2 months). The company's music streaming service is only hosting this offer for users in the United States, with global users still making do with the 30-day trial.

The aim here is obviously to give users more time to get to know Groove Music and hopefully like it enough to later subscribe. In the US, the service has 18 million tracks for users to choose from, and the offer also extends to those who have already had their trial period but have not yet subscribed. This means they can get an additional 30-day trial.

As if usually the case, a credit/debit card is needed to sign up for the trial, so if you plan to cancel after the 60 days, you will need to do so before the end of the trial or the card will be charged.

Groove Music costs $9.99 per month and features the ability to download for offline listening, a radio feature, cross platform availability (including on Xbox), and 38 million tracks globally.

Enjoy all your music on all your favorite devices with Groove. Just add your music—even iTunes—to OneDrive, and you're all set to play, sync, and organize it—even offline—with the free Groove app. Make playlist that suits your mood, or find live and artist-based radio of any flavor with our free, built-in iHeartRadio feature.

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