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Microsoft Adds Web Notifications to Edge Browser


The newest Windows Insider Preview build 14.14342 release is bringing web notifications to in Windows 10.

The new support for real-time notifications in Edge is enabled by default on Windows 10 desktop PCs and smart devices in Windows 10 Insider build 14.14342.

“Web Notifications allow sites to display notifications to alert users outside the context of the webpage and the browser, keeping users informed of new messages or alerts and allowing sites to improve user engagement,” according to the Microsoft Edge Team.

Microsoft's Edge Web Notifications, fully integrated with the notification platform and Action Center in Windows 10, will offer users a consistent experience with all other apps across the system and easy controls over permissions and Quiet Hours. However, notifications can only be displayed if the user has granted permission to the specific domain sending the notification.

How Edge Web Notifications work

Microsoft Edge web notifications official Microsoft 1

Microsoft Edge web notifications official Microsoft 2

In the for Web example shown above, the website will send a notification for each incoming call and each incoming IM. So, when a user clicks on an Edge notification, Microsoft Edge will bring the relevant window or tab into focus.

Each time the user visits a website using the Web notifications API, the site will prompt them for permissions to display notifications. This can, however, be managed by the user via the Advanced Settings menu in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge web notifications official Microsoft 3

Users can disable notifications for a domain or for all of Microsoft Edge in Action Centre by right-clicking on a notification, as pictured above. Additionally, if users are browsing from an Edge InPrivate window, no Edge notifications will be stored in the Action Center and permission settings will be deleted once the window is closed.

Currently, Microsoft is planning to implement additional features to further improve user control and notification fidelity. In a later release, the Edge team will include group notifications in the Action Center based on website domains which will allow the site context of each notification to be preserved.

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