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Tencent Announces New Game Console Running on Windows 10


´s Software giant and Intel are teaming up for a micro gaming console called the Tencent Games Platform (TGP) BOX.

According to GameSpot, Tencent Games Platform or TGP Box, also called the Blade, is a Windows 10 based micro-console which will also feature the sixth-generation desktop processor from Intel.

The TGP Box will be equipped with Intel's smart sensing and smart home technology while offering the newest games for streaming on the Chinese gaming market. Titles include League of Legends, FIFA Online 3, NBA 2K, Monster Hunter Online and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Tournament, according to AllChinaTech.

Tencent is well-known for publishing imports from other giant publishers such as Electronic Arts, Capcom and 2K Games, so it would not come as a surprise that their streaming-based home console will also provide a diverse library of titles.

The TGP Box does not carry a DVD or Blu-ray drive like the Steam Machines. It is, however, built for quick downloads and updates for the latest generation of massive games.

Normally, Tencent provides free-to-play games or other game titles that depend highly on micro-transactions on its online and mobile platform. As such, we can expect this to be mirrored on the game store of the TGP Box.

Windows 10 and TGP Box mode

The console will operate in two modes: In one hand, it can work as an in-home device like any other TV connected PC running the Windows 10 that will enable users to access modern UI, desktop applications and entertainment services setup through a wireless keyboard or touchpad. And on the other is the TGP Box mode that provides easy access on the game store and library via the controller.

The new console is basically a Windows 10-powered gaming console but with smart features designed to transcend traditional gaming.” said video game industry analyst ZhugeEX on Twitter.

Even though Tencent has been known for its internet services that include social networks, chat apps and e-commerce websites, the company still owns other video game developing firms such as Riot Games and Epic Games where they currently remain as a major player in the Asian market.

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