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Microsoft’s Windows 7 on an Android Wear Smartwatch? Here’s how


A tutorial shows the time consuming and painstaking task of booting onto a , but the results would make you wish you hadn't.

Smartwatches are fun gadgets, but they don't really do a lot. Sure, will fool you into thinking they are essential pieces of multi-functional kit, but without a smartphone to back them up, smartwatches are fairly useless. However, adding a full blown PC operating system, like Windows 7, would boost the functionality of surely?

Well, it is possible to get 's aging but still popular Windows 7 platform on your smartwatch, but you probably won't enjoy the results. Hacking Jules, a YouTuber revealed a video that showed how to get Win 7 running on your smartwatch, a process he discovered that too three hours to boot the OS to an Wear device.

To get the boot to work, Jules says you will need to be packing an Android Wear based smartwatch that has a desktop with ADB drivers and the Android Debug Bridge turned on. If you've got some time, and do not particularly care for your smartwatch, you can check out the tutorial and see how you get on.

Of course, it's a fun thing to do, but probably not worth the trouble. The tiny screen on even the largest smartwatches would be a huge deterrent and make the device almost unusable considering the lack of input device. We can only imagine the utter frustration of trying to navigate Windows 7 with a touch cursor on a screen of about 2-inches … hair is being pulled out just thinking about it.

Drop us a line in the comments below if you give this a whirl.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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