Apps for websites

A feature that was discussed at Build 2016, Apps for Websites, has been discovered as an option in a Windows 10 build, and could make its debut in the Anniversary Update.

The Windows 10 community is awaiting a massive summer update in the form of the Anniversary Update, which is expected to bring myriad changes to the platform.

Insiders are already seeing some of those feature, but the fact new functionality is being revealed each day speaks for how extensive the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be.

Such a new feature has been found by OneTile and is a rather unique addition to the Windows Platform, the ability to open applications in websites. Apps for Websites will mean applications will be able to be opened when a user visits the website, with a choice presented to continue on the website or move to the app.

Microsoft has talked about this feature before, at Build 2016 this year the company discussed some of the details. It is probable that there will be an option to turn this feature off if you do not want to be prompted to open an app for every website you visit.

Apps for Websites is not currently operating on Insider releases or internal builds of Windows 10 Mobile, but it is expected to drop in the near future. It is certainly popping up in time to be included in the Anniversary Build, which is predicted to be launched in June.