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Microsoft Readying Swipe Gestures for Edge Browser on Windows 10


The company is currently testing Swipe Gestures for the Edge browser, allowing users to easily navigate between websites.

has been increasing the functionality of its new Edge browser recently, and another important feature is due to drop soon.

Recently the company said that it would be bringing Swipe Gestures to the Edge browsrer, a simple but important feature that had been lacking previously.

On mobile devices this is arguably an essential tool, but even on desktop Swipe Gestures are important considering Windows is a touch compatible platform these days.

As the name suggests, Swipe Gestures let you move from one page to the next by merely swiping the screen, moving easily from a previous page to the next.

While the feature is not ready just yet, it will bring with it another addition to the Edge browser that will bring it closer to the likes of Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox in terms of functionality. Of course, Internet Explorer does support Swipe Gestures and has since the days of Windows 8, when Microsoft embraced a touch environment.

IE has recently lost its market position to Google Chrome as the most used web browser, and Microsoft is slowly throwing all its muscle behind Edge. Sure, Internet Explorer lives on, but Edge is the future and will be arriving on legacy Windows machines in the coming months.

It will likely gain Swipe Gesture through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in the summer, but at the moment it is being tested on internal Windows 10 Mobile builds.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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