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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Discusses Company’s Revival


said that the company is reenergized after a tough decade and said other companies should prepare for situations where the market changes.

Speaking to business leaders in Seattle, CEO Satya Nadella discussed how company's need to adapt and move whether they enjoy success or not.

The CEO says it is unimportant how big a company is, sooner or later markets move on and it is how the company responds that is important.

Nadella was of course hinting to the changing climate for Microsoft. The company once stood atop the technology industry like a colossus, but over the last decade has had to yield its dominance to the rising strength of mobile.

Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has started to turn the company's fortunes around with his cloud first strategy that is allowing the company to move back into position among tech's true giants.

In his talk, which was reported on by Puget Sound Business Journal, Nadella was also pointing to other companies that have rode a wave to the top like Facebook and . These kinds of company's can also expect the bubble to burst at some point and for consumers to move on, so the key is how the company responds from that market change.

In the case of Microsoft, the chief said the company maintained a “sense of identity” which allowed it to keep focused during its period of transitioning. However, that transition was not smooth for a long time as former CEO Steve Ballmer strategized to make Microsoft a mobile oriented hardware company.

That mistake was rectified with the arrival of Nadella, who is making the company as services provider once again, with the cloud as the focus. Nadella says Microsoft now knows that its main customers are enterprise and developers, leaving the consumer market as a secondary concern.

The thing that impressed me the most in 1992 when I joined the company was that sense of identity and the sense of purpose that was implicitly and very deeply understood […] we knew we had caught something. That's kind of what got me to come to Microsoft.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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